TEA+ Unveils New Product, “ TEA+ Brown Sugar - Barley Oolong Tea”, at Hug To Heal TEA+ Pop-Up Café with “JJ Krissanapoom” at Siam

April 19, 2024

Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Company Limited presents Hug To Heal TEA+ Pop-Up Café event, inviting the heartthrob presenter for the new generation, JJ - Krissanapoom Pibulsonggram, to join the opening of the warm-themed café to unveil the latest product, “TEA+ Brown Sugar - Barley Oolong Tea .” A product with a new offering with a meticulous blend of “Brown Sugar,” “Barley from Japan”, and fine aromatic “Oolong Tea” to deliver a new indulging experience in RTD tea. The event will include exclusive games with participants and a special show from JJ at Lido Connect.

 Mr. Junichiro Takata, Head of Marketing - Suntory Brands, Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Company Limited, said, “This year, TEA+ continues to forge ahead in driving the brand growth through the largest flavor segment in RTD tea, Honey Lemon, while further expanding the portfolio aiming to provide a more diverse range of products to meet consumer demands in the market. Particularly, focusing on the growing trend in the rice tea ‘Genmai’ segment, which has reached approximately 8%* market share and has shown a growth rate of over 12%* compared to the previous year due to its distinctive sweet roasted taste and perceived relaxing value. Based on this growing demand, we are launching a new product in the TEA+ lineup to meet that demand.   We aim to not only provide a new sensorial experience with the unique to market ingredients but a new relaxing experience through the indulging sensation this product provides, represented by our mascot bear ‘Brown san’ (San meaning Khun in Japanese) and his hug, and the healing sensation illustrated in the new communication.  We hope to bring vibrancy to the ready-to-drink tea market in this hot season and further make aware to our consumers through this very innovative product, the quality and joy you can have with the TEA+ product lineup.”

JJ - Krissanapoom Pibulsonggram, the presenter of TEA+ brand, said, “I am delighted and honored to be a part of the TEA+ family, delivering a new aromatic, sweet, and comforting experience to tea lovers to enjoy in their every day. Having tasted it myself, I find it incredibly indulging and refreshing. You can truly sense the sweetness of brown sugar and the roasted aroma of barley, combined with the fine aroma of Oolong tea. It is surprisingly good and reminds me of the bubble milk tea from the shops due to the brown sugar and fine tea taste. I encourage everyone to try it; I assure you that the delightful aroma of TEA+ Brown Sugar Barley and the adorable mascot bear ‘Brown San’ will surely heal your hearts.”

The Hug to Heal TEA+ Pop-Up Café event is open from April 6th to 8th, 2024; join us to immerse yourself in various activities such as "Hug with Brown san", where you can share a cozy embracing experience with Brown san. In the "TEA+ Photobooth" you can enjoy taking photos and creating unique stickers with TEA+, the first 50 participants per day will receive a memorable TEA+ keychain. Engage in an interactive game where you can play as Brown san and gather ingredients for TEA+ Brown Sugar Barley. Quench your thirst with our special complementary drink, “Sweet Hug” an exclusively arranged TEA+ Brown Sugar Barley available at the TEA+ Pop-Up Café. Relax with "TEA+ Healing Sensation," where you will find yourself surrounded by the comforting aroma of Brown Sugar Barley. Furthermore,; lucky fans will get front-row seats to join activities on stage and an exclusive mini-concert by JJ. Don’t miss out on April 7th – 8th, 2024, ready to heal your heart with music from special artists, “Slap Kiss” and “Serious Bacon.”

TEA+ Brown Sugar Barley represents a harmonious blend of beloved flavors, seamlessly combining the essence of “Brown Sugar,” “Barley” and “Oolong Tea”. Available in 500ml at 7-Eleven exclusively until mid-June and beyond at supermarkets and leading retailers nation wide.  TEA+ Brown Sugar - Barley Oolong Tea is now ready to captivate taste buds and hearts alike.

For more information, visit Facebook: TEAPLUSTHAILAND or Instagram@teaplusth.


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